New Editions of Hazel Holt’s First Four Mrs. Malory Mysteries, with More on the Way

Just in time for Christmas, Coffeetown Press has redesigned its editions of Hazel Holt’s Mrs. Malory Mysteries. The new trim size is 5 x 8, and the cover model is JoJo the Cat, standing in for Mrs. Malory’s Siamese, Foss.

Click the book covers to order. Bookstores in the U.S. and U.K. can now order at the standard discount on Ingram.

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Original publication date: 1989

Everyone knows that impertinent Lee Montgomery is marrying Charles Richardson for his money. After Lee vanishes, Charles’ friends breathe a sigh of relief. But Charles loves his pretty fiancée and is determined to get her back. He enlists the talents of Mrs. Sheila Malory, whose pastimes include reading nineteenth-century novels and ferreting out the truth. Mrs. Malory, a reluctant amateur detective, is soon convinced that Lee has been the victim of foul play. The residents of the sleepy seaside village of Taviscombe, England, are about to discover just how difficult it is to keep their terrible secrets with Mrs. Malory on the case.

Gone Away is the first of Hazel Holt’s Mrs. Malory mysteries.



Original Publication Date: 1991

Widow Sheila Malory has been looking forward to her stay at the Bodleian Library in Oxford as a chance to research wartime women writers and catch up with old friends from her college years, the one “purely happy” time in her whole life. Her relaxing idyll is interrupted when a librarian, Gwen Richmond, is crushed to death beneath collapsed bookshelves. After the “accident” proves to be murder, Mrs. Malory’s godson Tony, who also works in the library, asks her to help investigate. Gwen was manipulative and unpleasant, so there are no shortage of suspects. The dead woman’s World War II diary reveal dreadful truths that may lead to the killer; they will also force Mrs. Malory to revisit the past in a new and colder light.

The Cruellest Month is the second of Hazel Holt’s Mrs. Malory mysteries.


Original Publication Date: 1992

Mrs. Edith Rossiter, a rich matron, also has a wealth of greedy relatives–a cold-blooded daughter, a wastrel son, and a desperate sister. Because she is in excellent health, none of them can hope to inherit anytime soon … So when Edith vanishes from Taviscombe’s finest nursing home, the police suspect the worst, despite the lack of evidence. Mrs. Rossiter was a close friend of Mrs. Sheila Malory, who as usual applies her skills as an amateur detective to delve into the lives of the missing woman and her hopeful heirs. Was Edith addicted to sleeping pills? What did the mysterious couple seen in Edith’s company want from her? The truth will be stranger and more startling than even Mrs. Malory could have possibly imagined.

The Shortest Journey is the third of Hazel Holt’s Mrs. Malory mysteries.



Original Publication Date: 1993

Everyone in the small seaside village of Taviscombe is looking forward to the festival. So is Mrs. Sheila Malory—that is, until the unpleasant Adrian Palgrove joins the planning committee. Mrs. Malory, an avid reader of nineteenth century literature, is dismayed to find the man constantly in her path. First Adrian gleefully informs her that he has been appointed executor of the estate of a renowned author, whose private life he intends to expose. Soon his bad behavior has alienated his fellow committee members. One of his many enemies despises him enough to murder him just as the festival is underway.

Mrs. Malory has impressive credentials when it comes to solving murders, but with so many suspects, she hardly knows where to begin.

Mrs. Malory and the Festival Murder is the fourth of Hazel Holt’s Mrs. Malory mysteries.


MURDER ON CAMPUS (December 2011)


DEATH OF A DEAN (February 2012)

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